Who Am I

I enjoy many things in life especially being married to my beautiful bride, Anele. I like to try anything at least once whether that is an exotic sushi roll or skydiving in Jacksonville, Florida. Right now I am into weight lifting (that picture is not of me in case you were wondering). I also found a new hobby in cooking Sous Vide style. I like to help teach and lead a bible study of 100+ people at Kent State University. I also enjoy mobile and web development especially when I get to use my faithful MacBook Pro.

What I do Exactly

Mobile Development

I am interested in learning and contributing as much as possible in this hot market. I have been developing in native iOS since the beginning of 2013 and cross-platform (Android and iOS) using Xamarin since the beginning of 2014. I have worked with some of the core frameworks, the UI (both with the builder and programmatically) and 3rd party libraries such as AFNetworking.


I enjoy taking real life needs and creating applications to meet those needs. I like to put myself in the user's shoes to understand what they would want and then build the database, code and layout to fit them best. My concentration in Information Security has taught me to appreciate security from the database to the user's device and delight in making sure the whole process is protected.

Web Development

I consider myself a full stack web developer since 2010 with a heavy focus on the LAMP stack. I have experience extending from setting up a server, version control and continuous integration tools to server-side coding to database schema building and maintenance to APIs to creating the user interface.

Problem Solving

My minor in Applied Mathematics has helped me think logically and with precision which helps to debug, speed code up or figure out how to implement a real life problem.





Bachelor's of Science: Computer Science

I spent 3.5 years conquering the road to the Computer Science degree including electives such as iOS Mobile Development and two semesters of Web Programming. I finished with a major GPA of 3.64


Minor: Applied Mathematics

I decided to take my math experience to the next level by completing a handful of math classes such as Ordinary Differential Equations and Numerical Computing to get the Applied Mathematics minor with a minor GPA of 3.70

Information Security

Concentration: Information Security

I accomplished a concentration in Information Security by taking: Cryptology, Information Security and Secure Programming classes

Contact me

Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

(330) 819-5239